island boys net worth 2023

How Much Island Boys Net worth and Source of Income

Net Worth
BirthJuly 16, 2001,
Birth PlaceSouth Florida, U.S
NameIsland Boys
MembersKodiyakredd,  Flyusoulja
Age22 years
OccupationTiktokers, Rappers, Youtubers
Years Active2021- Present
Net worth$ 1.2 Million
Salary$ 50,000


Island Boys are an American hip hop singers who gained fame via sharing videos on TikTok. They became a significant internet sensation after their song video Island Boys on Tiktok. The team consists of two twin brothers Kodiyakredd and flyysoulja. If you want to know Island Boys net worth, Early life, Career, and Family background so read the article to get more information about Island Boys

They belong to  South Florida, United States. The original name of Kodiyakredd is Franky Venegas, and of flyysoulja is Alex Venegas. Franky started his musical journey in 2020. He released songs including 9ine, Real Light, and Smoke. But they gain fame as a duo for their video song Island Boys. With the video song, they get more fans, and popularity and also increase their Net worth.

What is Island Boys Net Worth:

As 0f 2023, Island Boys’ net worth 2023 is estimated to be $2 Million. In 2023, their annual income is $70 thousand. Within a short span of that musical success, Island Boys reached a net worth of $2 million. They are famous for being funny and knowing how to get attention on social media.

Source Of Income:

As of 2023, the Island Boys have earned a significant net worth due to various sources of income. They generate income because of a large fan following on TikTok, and brands are ready to pay them for the advertisement of their products. Frank Venegas has approximately 1.4 million followers on TikTok, while Alex Venegas has 1.8 million followers.

The rappers have a YouTube channel named Big Bag Ent. They post music videos and vlogs on the youtube channel. Their channel has 28.4K subscribers. Their videos get over 160 million views, which generates a significant amount. They can earn through YouTube AdSense and make $2-$5 per 1000 views on the youtube channel.

To profit from their fame, the duo sells shoutouts on Cameo. They charge $80 for personal videos and $300 for business bookings on the Cameo platform. They also launched a merch store selling branded hoodies, t-shirts, and vests.

Early Life:

The rap duo is fraternal twins, with the given names Franky and Alex Venegas. They were born on July 16, 2001. They belong to a well-off family and belong to Cuban ancestry. In a podcast interview, the twins explained that their father died from a coronary heart attack when they were young, and their mother raised them.

When they grew up, the twins were often involved in legal issues with the law and committed crimes, including stealing cars and burglaries. The twins are famous because of their unique hairstyles.  Alex’s hair color is yellow, but Franky’s hair is brown with blond tips.


One of the twin brothers, Kodiyakredd, started his musical journey in 2020. He was known as redd 4x and released a few songs. Franky and Alex came with their new I am Island Boy” music in October 2021. They gained much net worth through this song.

As they released the music on TikTok, it went viral all around the World. The video shows the dual brothers singing their new track in a water tub. After the release of their TikTok video, the twin brothers became TikTok superstars. Their followers on TikTok increased in massive numbers after the viral video. They know many tricks to engage their viewers. They have a good relationship with their fans.

Famous Songs:

  • Island Boy
  • Say So
  • US
  • Island Boy Remix
  • Wicked Way
  • Everybody
  • Island Boy Diss Track
  • Pay Me
  • See Me Dead
  • Island Boy Free Style

Island Boys Social Accounts

The Island Boys, also known as Xeryus and Kodi, are social media influencers who gained popularity after their viral video “Island Boyz” was shared across various social media platforms. As of my knowledge cutoff of September 2021, they were active on several social media accounts:

TikTok: @islandboyyz

This is the Island Boys’ primary TikTok account, where they share short videos of themselves rapping, singing, and performing other content.

Instagram: @islandboyyz

The Island Boys’ official Instagram account features photos and videos of the duo, as well as updates on their latest projects and collaborations.

YouTube: Island Boyz

The Island Boys’ YouTube channel features music videos, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes content of their daily lives.

Twitter: @islandboyzgang

The Island Boys’ Twitter account provides updates on their latest content and promotions, as well as retweets of fan posts and memes.

SoundCloud: Island Boyz

The Island Boys’ SoundCloud page features their music, including their hit single “Island Boyz.”

Island Boys Family Background:

Island brothers are from West Beach, Florida, and they belong to a wealthy family. They went to good schools, but unfortunately, they were involved in burglaries and other crimes. They were arrested when they were thirteen. Their father died from a heart attack when they were young in 2007. Their mother raised them alone.

Personal Life:

While the twin brothers do not publicly discuss their personal life, they both have girlfriends. They post several photos online. They have not revealed the names of the girls they are dating because they prefer to keep their life private. The twins are enjoying massive success on social media, which has helped them leave behind a troubled life and move to a better life.

Why Are Island Boys Famous?

They stand out because of their unique hairstyles dyed in different colors. They also have several tattoos on their bodies and wear colorful clothes.


The Island Boys were involved in multiple social media clashes involving other social media personalities such as Tiktoker star Bryce Hall brothers  Logan Paul and Jake Paul, and even famous celebrities such as comedian Kevin Hart and famous rapper Snoop Dogg. The twin brothers have been accused of cultural appropriation, and people criticize them for using racial terms in their song Wicked Way.

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