The latest Technology Is Just Awesome


Whether we like it or not, technology affects every aspect of our daily lives. There seem to be two options. Accept, use, make the most of the technology change, or sit back and relax, watch a black and white 13-inch TV, turn on the TV table while listing (yes, I say optional) use the phone to turn on your play music. a friend watching the game

Unfortunately, your friend took you on a small boat, got into his hybrid car, and drove to a new bar in town, talking about the wine. Hey, do you know who has a big HDTV to watch the game on? He seems to be using a “hands-free” Bluetooth headset because a friend called him on his phone as he was returning home from work last night. The problem is that you also answered this call, but unfortunately this call was not answered because you did not connect the answering machine to your turntable.

Well, I know there are a few people under the age of 80 who fall into the second category, but I want to explain that. It seems like there is a time in everyone’s life when we just say “NO TECH” and refuse to be a part of new technological advancement. I do not know why this happens. You’re pretty sure your grandparents bought a DVD player so they liked “better” movies than old VHS tapes.

You will not notice that your grandparents come to mind as they refuse to learn new skills. The idea is that if you click and play when Channel 3 is available, you will not be able to make the movie. You need to change the input from TV1 to TV2. Because it has nothing to do with channel 3. They should not learn anything new because they accept low quality. He seems intelligent, but in this day and age, it seems that everyone can reach their destination. I think …

I hope you do not lose sight of your learning. Technology may not be new, but you do not want to wake up one day thinking, “Well, now I see what I can do. I refused to admit that there was something new in my mind. “

Unfortunately, few people I have met came to this, and I saw young people, not 90s. I know I have never talked about the technology I use or plan to use, so in the future, we will always publish reviews that we love (and hate), but now, let’s start a conversation. What do you think?

Is technology good or bad? Conversations can go anywhere and you know exactly what I am saying behind this conversation. Will it make our lives better or worse? Some people consider the evolution from USB to HDTV to be unprecedented, but the adoption of larger, better (and cheaper) technologies separates people and makes most people quiet. Instead of going out with your friends or playing cards. I think this discussion has some importance when it comes to kids, and video games.

In the old days (well, not so much) you had the Atari video game system and it was something new, fresh and fun. But day or night when you should go home, there is already work to be done. Now it has live video game consoles and kids can wear headphones, play games, and chat with friends around the world. Now it is clear that children are no longer playing games as before.

Of course, it can be fixed, but not if you are a professional who knows what he is doing in the wild. Kids are driving everywhere, they need to know what they are doing, who they are doing, where they are doing it, and why they should be there more than at home ??? ? All made it possible for them to watch their children via GPS and 10-year-old phones while playing video games better than all Atari games combined. When I was 12, I took the train or bus to all places (shops, friends everywhere). I knew when he was at home and saw that I was there at the time. (or “The Belt”) … Well, I’m leaving … This is the story of the past day.

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