Tom Segura net worth

Tom Segura Net Worth

Net Worth
  • Name: Tom Segura
  •  Born: 16 April 1979 (age 43 years), Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
  •  Spouse: Christina Pazsitzky (m. 2008)
  •  Height: 1.82 m
  •  Children: Ellis Segura, Julian Segura
  •  Nationality: American

Tom Segura Introduction

Tom Segura was born in Ohio. He was the third child of Thomas and Charo Segura. His father is American of French-Canadian ancestry, while his mother is Peruvian. As a young man, he stumbled in his life; know more about Tom Segura net worth, read more.

What is Tom Segura Net Worth

Tom has been known for his sarcastic and insulting style of comedy. He has a lot of followers on Twitter. He has also made a good amount of money from his writing. While he has not revealed Tom Segura income, it is estimated to be between $300,000 and 500,000 a year. And according to reports, Tom Segura net worth is estimated to be between $12 and $15 million.

Currently, Tom is living in Los Angeles, California, and he has a house in Los Angeles and one in Pacific Palisades. He owns several exotic cars, such as a Cadillac CTS, a Volvo XC90, and a Range Rover. Moreover, he owns several houses in the Midwest and a huge house in Beverly Hills.

Besides his acting and writing skills, Tom has also been a successful podcaster. Tom and Christina have also been married for a decade and have a stable personal life. They have two children, and the couple has moved into a $6.7 million home in Pacific Palisades.

Tom Segura Flims

  • 2010 Frank Advice
  •  2013 9 Inches
  •  2016 The People’s Mayor
  •  2017 I Need You To Kill
  •  2018 Instant Family
  •  2019 Countdown
  •  2020 The Opening Act

Tom Segura will Smith Oscar Slap-Gate

One of the more interesting things he talked about was Tom Segura will smith all-time stupidest mistake. Smith slapped fellow comedian Chris Rock during the ceremony for making a G.I. Jane joke. This is a great example of the adage, “If you don’t like the idea of something, you shouldn’t do it.”

Tom Segura doesn’t have a lot of respect for Will Smith. However, his comments on the slap-gate have sparked mixed reactions. Some people believe his remarks are a desperate attempt to save his skin. Others think that he is being overly generous.

Early Life

Tom started his career at a young age. He worked odd jobs to help pave the way. After graduating from college, he became a stand-up comedian.

His parents supported his decision to become a comedian. In addition, they have remained supportive throughout his career. They have also helped him in his personal life. Tom has two children with his wife, Christina.

Tom has appeared in feature films, television shows, and comedy festivals. The first album of his career, “Thrilled,” was released in 2012. It reached number two on the iTunes comedy charts.

Segura has appeared on several popular podcasts. One of the most popular is Your Mom’s House, hosted by Tom and his wife. This podcast has over one million subscribers. Another popular show is 2 Bears, 1 Cave, hosted by Tom and Canadian TV personality Christina Pazsitzky. Currently, the duo has a YouTube channel with 457,000 subscribers.

Tom and Christina have a house in Woodland Hills, California. They purchased it in August 2020. Cassius Marsh is their real estate investor. Both Tom and Christina have also been active in real estate investing.

Aside from his stand-up performances, Tom Segura has also done various podcasts. He has also published his book; I’d Like To Play Alone, Please.

During his early career, Tom was a drug user. He tried drugs for the first time when he was 18. Later, he got over his addiction.

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