triple h net worth

Triple H Net Worth

Net Worth
  • Name: Paul Michael Levesque
  • Triple H height: 6ft 2 or 188 cm tall
  • Date or birth: 27 July 1969 (age 53 years)
  • Education: Nashua High School South
  • Retired: 2022

Triple H Introduction

Triple H is a popular professional wrestler who has had a career that has spanned 30 years. The professional wrestling legend is considered one of the greatest in the sport’s history. He also has a reputation for being very successful outside of the ring. want to know Triple h net worth read more

What is Triple H Net Worth

Triple H net worth is $150 million. It’s largely based on the success of his wrestling career, as well as his position as a high-level executive for the WWE. Additionally, he has owned several vehicles, such as a Lamborghini Huracan, a Rolls Royce, and a Mercedes Benz SL600. Some of his other properties include a luxury residential mansion in Weston, Connecticut, a luxury SUV, and a private jet.

Currently, Triple H is the Chief Operating Officer of WWE, and he earns an annual salary of $2.5 million. As the executive, he is responsible for a variety of revenue-generating activities, as well as overseeing the creative and content teams.

Triple H WWE

Triple H is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He is also the founder and executive producer of the WWE brand NXT. Aside from being a world-renowned wrestler, he is also a business executive and an actor. Besides being a superstar, he is married to Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of Vince McMahon. Triple H started out as a top-tier superstar in the early 2000s. He was involved in the “Attitude Era” and became the WWF champion. However, he lost the championship to Vince McMahon at the September 16, 1999 SmackDown!.

Triple H Wife Stephanie McMahon

How is triple h wife A big part of the professional wrestling world is the marriage between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The couple has been married since 2003. They have three children together and their relationship is constantly mentioned on Monday Night Raw.

Before Triple H met Stephanie McMahon, he was dating Laurer. He and Laurer were living together when the two started having problems. Laurer was afraid that others would think she had slept her way to the top, and she asked Triple H to keep their relationship a secret.

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