Types of Electronic Door Locks


For thousands of years, locks and keys have protected many doors and people and what is behind them, but now devices are changing the way they open them. The electric cover is now replaced by a lock key. There are many types of electric door locks, but there are three types on the market today.

lock the key

Some may think it is not an electric meter, but, it is a little different from a lock, but it is useful. The door or button has a key body and is usually numbered between 9 and 0. Enter the correct code on the keypad to open the path. This is useful when you do not want real physical keys. The key should not be confused with this type of electronic counter, and when a visitor enters, they can be given a unique number to enter and exit without a key. If desired, you can also change the number used. They are very useful because you have to touch the lock to enter the number. fob key lock

This is like a car door lock that uses a door lock instead of an entry key. You can lock or unlock the door by pressing the button on your keyboard. It’s easier because you can close the door when you go out and open it when you get home. Online does not act as an internal opportunity.


This type of electric lock is the most effective among us and the only one that improves the safety of your home. Opening and closing the door acts as a key, but you can only use it when you are not at home. You can manage it from anywhere you connect to the internet. Electrical locks are connected to the safety of your home. These electric gates are safe and easy to use. By accessing remote access, you can perform a variety of functions including.

A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Right Door Entry System

The Intercom system provides a complete security answer as well as compliance with the Disability Equality Act for easy business. Intercom technology is available through the first analog audio system with door openings and a special “running” theme. First, call confirmation video is added. There are shades of black and white. Other digital signals have replaced the analog signal. phone connection

Door locks or keyholes connected to a telephone cord or partition. This model is one of the most advanced door systems currently available.

When a visitor clicks on a house number, the council immediately calls the resident’s phone number and connects it to the notice board. Access is granted immediately, usually by pressing the zero on the phone key. Other versions include videos that can be viewed on a specific TV channel, adding additional protection for peace of mind.

Access to the code: benefits for family and business

In most cases, the occupant may not have a custom key. You can log in by code or get a fob / card key. It sends a signal and allows. An important advantage is that if the pendant / card is not inserted, there is no need to change the lock, as if the normal key is missing. FOB / Card can be removed from the system as soon as it can be added and given to new card residents. The software system allows you to change the phone number as needed to increase its value.

However, this method works in the business sector. The portal integrates with the PABX and automatically switches the plugin, making configuration for the software easy. Therefore, it is possible to transfer incoming calls to another phone when the recipient is in the afternoon. If BT ground is not available, the GSM system will connect to your mobile phone for maximum flexibility.

Additional IP access system

The most recent development is an intercom system that works with an Internet connection from a phone or tablet, laptop or PC with Internet Protocol (IP). This means that security and attention from the software manager is not a problem and anyone can block or allow the manager to access and control. Adjust your statement level based on page number for user schedule, payment, review, and as required. With WIFI, you can sit at home watching your favorite TV shows, or use the app to go fast, anywhere from your smartphone or iPad. Here, it helps to choose the right door system

The nature of your situation is not always clear. When investing in a new supervisor, it is wise to consult a professional.

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